Laporan Siswa MSS YSS-ASEAN ke Miri, Sarawak – Fruitful Days in Kg Lajong

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                 Dear Dato Zuraidah Atan, Board of Trustees, and my beloved YSS family. Thank you for reading my daily report for Day 8. After a week staying here, seems there are a lot of things happening here as what’s going on today.

We start our day with Aerobic dance with the villagers at Balai Raya which was led by Fauzi, Yana and Syaura. After that, when we were already energised with the morning exercise, we proceeded with gotong-royong. We managed to pick up some rubbish, repaint the signboard, do some weeding, repaint the toilet and draw some mural inside the Balai Raya. While painting the signboard for kindergarten, one of my friends Azlinah suddenly feels pain near her hip. It feels like something had stung her and at that time there was chaos! Everyone was worried. When we saw the centipede, I immediately killed it using Azlinah’s shoes. Then, Azlinah was sent to nearest clinic to get immediate treatment and accompanied by Bebiyana.

Repaint the kindergarten signboard

Repaint the kindergarten signboard

                  That morning, I was in a group that was in charge of painting the toilet. We had problems with cleaning the toilet since there was a pipe blockage and the water could not drain out. Malaysia’s toilets seem less clean than the ones in Vietnam. Back in Nhon Duc, the place where we were staying, they really took good care of their toilet cleanliness and I was very satisfied with that. Since Kg Lajong has a problem in getting really clean water supply here, what can I do is to be grateful because we still have water supply even though it is not as clean as what I am always used to back at my home. Anyway, we managed to complete 80% in repainting the toilets as we had limited paint.

Moving on, we have movie time with the children and adults after lunch. This afternoon, we had the chance to taste Laos food which was cooked by Somleuthai from Laos. Chicken cooked with lemon grass is so delicious and I hope I can learn how to cook the same recipe in the future. While we are watching the movie, we were shocked when a motorcycle accident occurred just near the futsal court. It only took about 2 – 3 minutes to reach there from Balai Raya. The victim was one of the Kg Lajong youths and he had some injury on his face and hand. Luckily, Dheven gave him first aid treatment immediately. The boy was also sent to nearest clinic for treatment.

After that, we have another activity under Education Cluster which is the Weekend Camp: Lajong Kids Explorace. There are five checkpoints prepared for this activity and I am in charge for Checkpoint 1. Here, the student must find a thing and then they will name the thing in Malay and English then they must spell it right. From my observation, I can conclude that most of them know how to spell and identify things correctly. Only a few were quite slow to spell the thing and they need time to do so. Overall, the activity went well and we believe that we have a big impact for the kids. After the explorace, we have talents show from the five groups. Each group performed an English song with action. That was the end of our activity for today. After we cleaned up the Balai Raya, we went back to Common House to have our dinner and post mortem.


Checkpoint 1: Student volunteer delivering instructions to a group of students

Checkpoint 1: Student volunteer delivering instructions to a group of students

Report written by Emilna from UPSI.

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