Carmen: bright, bold and brilliant youth leader.

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Carmen is a go-getter who is enthusiastic to share development opportunities for youths.

She is our overachieving undergraduate who is majoring in Cognitive Science. She works in the field of urban design and development of cities. She is also a varsity pageant queen and ambassador.

She is active in volunteer work and is a Global Volunteer Leader of Student Volunteers Foundation, otherwise known as Yayasan Sukarelawan Siswa (YSS) under the Malaysian Ministry of Higher Education. She is also the top 25 under 25 of Young Sustainable Impact, a global innovation team of youth leaders working on specific Sustainable Development Goals.
Other than academic endeavors, Carmen’s interest lies in social entrepreneurship. She loves to study business models that focus on environmental and social impact. She is a project leader for community development work in ENACTUS and collaborates with local communities in Sarawak on upskilling and education projects.

She is also a Rotaractor and is the District 3310 International Service Chair. She and her team overseas Rotaract youth clubs across Brunei, Singapore, and Malaysia. She initiates various projects related to nature conservation efforts and regional youth development. She believes in nurturing societal leadership via education and entrepreneurial efforts through diverse platforms. Serving humanity requires a young generation of critical yet compassionate problem-solvers, and this is the aspiration that motivates Carmen to serve with greater capacity.
Carmen spends most of her time in outdoor adventures. She finds peace and freedom in nature, be it the beach, the hills or the night skies. She loves to read and write extensively and is an amateur baker. She has a genuine and humble demeanor and values diversity in her organization.

Carmen is the definition of a bright, bold and brilliant youth leader.

Source: ASEAN Youth Leader Association

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