YSS: Fortifying culture of volunteerism in Malaysia

by YSS Admin / 09 April 2017 / No Comments
To date, YSS had conducted number of student volunteer missions locally and abroad. Of many objectives, to fortify culture in volunteering for higher education is always become our main priority. YSS engaged with students from higher learning institutions to help them to enhance their softskills and talents as based on their backgrounds of studies; Engineering to Arts.
Within 5 years of establishment (2012-2017), YSS had polished 571 student volunteers which we called as Alumni YSS- Student Volunteer Leaders. Many of them get recognitions and outstanding achievements from their universities and proudly at the national and international stages. YSS define them as potential leaders for tomorrow #TN50. Therefore, we seek to engage as many students to be part of this journey.#SOARINGUPWARDS
Let’s make Malaysia great with VOLUNTEERISM!
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