[YSS ALUMNI INTERVIEW SERIES: Merdeka Edition] Jason Ang

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It is a mystery waiting to be discovered to the very reason of why our Student Volunteers kept feeling the thirst of doing volunteering work after joining YSS missions. Perhaps the immersion they felt very close to the heart? Or the happiness they could relate to when the community they helped carve smiles? Or is it the joy of discovering their potential that they have never came across to break before? Or is it simply because they found their passion?

YSS Alumni here, Jason Ang, who is actively involved in doing volunteering work globally came to share his insights.

1. Hello, Jason! Please introduce a little about yourself.

You can call me Jason but not Jason Derulo because I couldn’t sing well. Well, I am currently a final year aeronautical engineering undergraduate in Universiti Teknologi Malaysia and a YSS Alumni who took part in the YSS-ASEAN Student Volunteer Mission to Lao PDR from 4-17 Apr 2015. How time flies!

2. Alright, would you mind sharing how your involvement in YSS has helped you in terms of building patriotism towards our country?

Patriotism begins within a soul and it is contagious. Patriotism becomes tangible when it urges you to help your people and to do something for the nation, in many ways, many forms. Although patriotism is so much synonym with being a soldier where you fight for the country, I believe volunteering is another way to add values to the society I interact with and to show my love to the nation I live in.

3. Totally. Volunteering contributes indirectly towards the country we belong to. Next, how your YSS involvement has helped you to keep #SoaringUpwards ? We heard a lot of your volunteering experiences all over the world!

YSS kick-started my journey in volunteerism and activated my spirit to help the community. After serving as volunteer during YSS mission to Lao PDR, I continue to contribute as a volunteer in community projects either local or abroad. To date, I have volunteered in Philippines, Taiwan, China, Indonesia and Vietnam and accumulated around 300 service hours. Subsequently, I earned the award of UTM Student Volunteer Icon 2015.

4. You are definitely an Icon, Jason. What would you like to advice to fellow youths?

Youth is time. Youth is energy. Seize opportunities to accomplish a lot at the young age.

5. To end our session, make your wish for our 60th Merdeka celebration this year and thank you so much for spending your time.

You’re very much welcome!

I love my home since I was born. Malaysia, the only piece of land I call as home. What the nation can give you is contingent on what you can do for the nation itself. Happy 60th Merdeka! Wishing all Malaysians continue to move forwards and soar upwards, shine the Jalur Gemilang like in the recent SEA Games!


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