102 YSS Alumni Going Global For The 15th IAVE Asia-Pacific Regional Youth and Volunteer Conference 2017

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102 YSS Alumni who usually can be seen with shirts, streaks of paints, dust and dirt, all geared up, suit up, with squeaky clean and black heels and shoes at the recent 15th IAVE Asia-Pacific Regional Youth and Volunteer Conference 2017, Kuala Lumpur.

YSS, on its establishment to produce global volunteer leaders, with the commitment of 102 YSS Alumni, participated in the conference which began on the 22nd November 2017 until 26th November 2017 with the aim to provide global exposure to the Alumni.

The International Association for Volunteer Effort (IAVE) was founded in 1970. IAVE is the only international organisation whose primary aim is to promote, strengthen, and celebrate volunteering in all of the many ways it happens throughout the world.

IAVE is best known for its biennial World Volunteer Conference and affiliated Youth Volunteer Conference. Its biennial regional volunteer conferences offer the opportunity for leaders of volunteering to come together closer to home, meeting and working with their regional peers.

The IAVE Asia-Pacific conference is the longest-running and most successful regional conference. From the first in 1987, it has been held throughout the region – from New Delhi in the West to Canberra in the South to Tokyo and Nagoya in the East to Seoul in the North – every two years since.

Speakers and moderators who came from different types of backgrounds, all took their turn on the stage to showcase their local initiatives and obtained insights from the members of the floor. With the theme “The Power of Volunteering: What Have You Changed?”- six main topics related to volunteerism were debated, discussed and shared about throughout the five days in KL Convention Centre.

  1. Leadership
  2. The Sustainable Development Goals: With a Focus on Poverty, Education and Climate Change
  3. Strategic Partnership
  4. Corporate Volunteering
  5. Financial Sustainability
  6. Technology and Social Innovation

On this note, we would like to convey our heartfelt gratitude to all of stakeholders involved in making this a success. Thank you.


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