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I woke up early morning at 6 a.m. I wanted start my day with early morning jog. I was ready with my attire. Unfortunately, the temperature was not as I expected. It was freezing outside. Anyhow, I decided to run regardless of the temperature. I ran for 20 minutes at the same road. I could have sweat so much if I run in Malaysian Road but my t-shirt was only sweat a bit. After having my morning exercise, I ate breakfast at my host-family’s house. The beautiful Tose filled my stomach.

After getting ready, I waited and boarded the bus at 0830. It was filled with pupils. I joined them to travel to the school by bus. The school I executed my plan is Bharatha Vidhyalaya. It took around 15 minutes to reach the school compound.Once, I reached the school, the first I did was surveying the morning activities of the pupils. Then, I explained my projects to the Principal, Mr. Kumar. After that, I joined the morning assembly. It was very much different from Malaysia, but the arrangement was almost same as Laos.


After the assembly ended, I started my first project which is under Community Development. The project is called ‘Systematic Library’. The library only contained more than  250 books in just two racks and they were in a very messy condition. I took out the whole  books and rearranged them according to the field which contained the books of social science, mathematics, Tamil Language and English. Then, I labelled them with codes to progress with the systematic library. I also labelled the codes according to books of the respective field. Then, I explained to the teachers. It took about 6  to 7 hours to complet my first project.


The school ended at 1630. I boarded the same bus to reach my host family’s house. The sky turnd as early as 1800. So, I ended the activities at 1900 and had my dinner. The lights went off at 2100.









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