Day 7: YSS-ASEAN Students Volunteer Mission to Sarawak, Malaysia 2018 Travelog (13 July 2018)

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The capability of youth and the transformation the structure of a region, to shape the values and norms of a society as well as its effects on a nation’s politics have long been evident in both historical and modern times. Similarly, youth today are also expected to strategically utilise this capacity to enable such a change. Therefore, It is a belief that youth have many creative skills, they have got potential and the capacity to make changes for themselves, for their societies, and for the rest of the world.

This is why the global volunteers are sent by Yayasan Sukarelawan Siswa to the mission such as YSS-ASEAN Students Volunteer Mission to Sarawak, Malaysia 2018 because the young generations live very close to the community and they are also informally representing the formal body like the government and education institute such as universities and others. Thus, youth global volunteers can play the role as the bridge of connection between two parties and align their goals for the benefit of the country. During the mission, the volunteers are trained to immerse with the community to bring or create an ecosystem that unites the structures and processes that exist both outside and inside the ecosystem and hierarchy system as well as knowledgeable on the ground to push beyond boundaries.

As education does not mean studying in classes or reading from books and scientific materials. In the soft power also means learning to improve the present knowledge, skill and ready to start a new phase. New opportunities, new ways of social integration and new developments will introduce the local community. These are some of the factors that the community must understand in improving their mind that will be the milestone to move towards global oriented mind. Therefore the global volunteers initiative has given rise to the emergence of global movements to develop transdisciplinary, interdisciplinary or multidisciplinary approaches. As a consequence, these approaches have made inroads towards enhancing the generation and disseminating of knowledge to overcome complex challenges in today communities.

In this global world, youth such as me has to respond to these challenges. We should be more encouraged to create more positive impacts not only amongst stakeholders at home, but also the beneficiary in international communities. In this regard, the volunteers must strategically adopt the blue ocean model in order to be viewed as the forward-looking volunteer leaders, mindful existing communities problems , and at the same time, are continuously attempting to decide new ideas and areas or researches to be better serving undeveloped society. The volunteers should shift from playing the traditional role as the youth to a serving as a catalyst in championing the needs of contemporary new ideas future societies.

To reiterate volunteer leaders, youth must undertake new roles and strategically explore new areas that would bring positive impacts to youth and communities. Hence, the volunteers must assume the responsibility of cultivating mutual benefits for the community and its stakeholders. Labelled as soft power, the purpose of the relationship is to turn every aspect of societies to be a significant platform that provides substantiated impact to the youths and societies at local and international levels. Therefore the volunteers should have the capability to attract the members of society toward accepting the paradigm shift and subsequent adoption of various mechanisms, including the use of soft power.

The concept of soft power focuses on two important components. Firstly, the process component refers to the planning strategies and actions that could go into manifesting soft power. This process can occur via the internationalisation agenda, knowledge transfer initiatives, exchanges programme and participating in community activities and YSS indeed is currently focusing on this area.

Although these are not necessarily new processes, the soft power agenda can be centre-staged by addressing specific issues in each process such assisting the bottom billions, or affordable technology transfer activities. The second focus is on the structure of soft power in providing the physical infrastructure that essential for the implementation of the planned projects. And this is the conclusion on what we as YSS Alumni and volunteer faced every day during the mission, which to empower and being trained practically hand in hand during the mission.

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