Day 2: YSS-ASEAN Students Volunteer Mission to Sarawak, Malaysia 2018 Travelog (8 July 2018)

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Imaging living in a traditional house at the countryside, while you enjoy a laid-back lifestyle and plenty of fresh air. Wake up to the sound of birds and cockerels, and have a pleasant day with your friendly host family. Savour local food and participate in the delightful activities that have been lined up pluck tropical fruits from an orchard or try your hand at playing a traditional musical instrument.

Unlike an ordinary volunteer program, the YSS-ASEAN Students Volunteer Mission to Sarawak, Malaysia 2018 programme whisks the ASEAN volunteers off to an oasis of tranquillity and rustic charm. The Kampung Beladin, Pusa, Betong Sarawak offer an opportunity for the Volunteer to stay at a kampong, or a traditional Malay fisherman village. The host family that participate in the programme are carefully selected and comply with the strict guidelines set by the Pejabat Daerah to give the best experience to the Volunteer.

There is always something to see, do or learn in a village which will amaze us in one way or another! My family will eagerly invite me and my counterpart from Myanmar, Ye Wint Aung to join in their activities and Volunteer will soon find that the enthusiasm is infectious! Harvesting local crops, visiting a fish farm or learning how to make traditional delicacies are only a sprinkling of the many things that await Volunteer like me during my stay here in Beladin. Today I been served with several foods such as Rojak Nenas, Udang Perkasam and Ikan Salai, which are delicious and out of this world cooked by my foster mother, Rohani binti Senawi.

Late at night after Maghrib, we Volunteers, begin our first project which is home tuition project for the primary students focused on the Mathematic and English subject at Hajah Gita Itam, who allowed using her house for those projects until the end of the Volunteer mission. She even serve us with delicacies during the process. I would like to thank her on the behalf of everyone of us because of her willingness to give full cooperation for the kid who are the future of Beladin.

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