Day 3: Winter Olympics Volunteering

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I bid a good day to everyone in Malaysia.

Woke up at 5.30am with 5 degree celcius, what a nice starter of the day in Beijing !

For everyone acknowledgement, we have a different theme everyday. So, theme of the day is _*Winter Olympics Volunteering*_. All the places that we’re visited today are related to *Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games*.

First stop of the day was _Organising Committee of Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games._

We started to move from hotel at 8.00am after everyone’s had their breakfast. We reached at the destination at 9.00am. We took some group photos and videos (took by organising committee) for their advertisement for Beijing 2022.

YSS Delegation managed to get some group photos with other countries. We talked to each other since there are 200 of us, so its a good time get to know the campers. We exchanged the business cards and get to know each person from different countries. Later on, the organising comittee brought us to conference hall and they presented on progression report for Beijing 2022. The presenter was Mr. Chang Shi Peng(常仕鹏), Minister of the Publicity Department of 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics Games Committee. They had a very attractive videos and ideas on Beijing 2022. I was really impressed with their videos.

For your information, Beijing 2022 was announced in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on 31st July 2015. Within 3 years (2018), they have a rapid progression on Beijing 2022. And their commitment towards Beijing 2022 was “wow”! Just thinking about how if Malaysia be one of the host country. One fine day, we will.

After the presentation, we managed to get to talk to Mr Chang and we gave him a YSS pendant to him (Organising Comittee of Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games).

I was surprise being selected and interviewed by their Organising Comittee & Beijing Sister City Youth Camp about my expectation towards Beijing, Sister City Youth Camp and Beijing 2022. Its an honour to be one of the person that being interviewed.

*About Beijing 2022:*
The Beijing Organising Committee for the 2022 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games (Beijing 2022) was officially established on December 15, 2015. Beijing won the bid on 31 July 2015 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Beijing Organising Comittee has 16 Departments and 2 Operation Centre. Every department had a different building here ! Can you imagine how big was the Organising Committee of Beijing 2022.

Beijing 2022 will be held in 3 different zone. It is Beijing Zone, Yan Qing Zone and Zhang Jia Kou Zone. Different zone will have a different types of games. Like Beijing zone will held a ice-games. Here’s the secret of Beijing 2022 – they will turns the water cube into ice cube ! Wow ! Do you know how long it will takes to turns the water cube to ice cube ? I have no idea on it. Its amazing !

*Key deliverable of visiting Organising Committee of Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics and Paralympics Games:*

1. To promote the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics and Paralympics Games within Sister Cities. _(In other meaning – tourism @ visits Beijing 2022 – Economy)_

2. Progression report on Beijing 2022.

3. To create a harmonious world of better mutual understanding.

4. Encourage millions to embrace winter sports.

We had our lunch at Tian Wai Tian – a famous roasted duck restaurant in Beijing. We enjoy our lunch with Russian ladies today. After we had our lunch, we move to The Summer Palace.

The Summer Place is the Chinese imperial garden of Qing Dynasty formerly known as the Qingyi Garden. Today, The Summer Palace were flooded with people and kinda hard to take the photos. Everywhere got photoboom.

Here, I know one of the midde age camper from Nepal named Mr Rajan. I was surprised he can read the traditional chinese and also speak fluently in Chinese. So I asked him how did he know the Chinese Traditional words very well. He said he learned it. Due to many people here, with the permission of the volunteer in-charge, we decided to pay extra 10 RMB (RM6) to climb to the top of The Summer Palace. Guess what ? Mr Rajan paid it for Nepal Team, YSS Delegation and two of the volunteers. He’s really nice. I love to listen to his story. A person full of experience in his life’s journey.

We climbed about 500 stairs to reached on the top of The Summer Palace. Kinda like hike the Broga Hills. With the cold weather, it was nice view from the top although it makes me like I’m going to faint up there. Climb 500 stairs within 15 minutes gonna kills me. But one thing that motivate me. It is a really really old man and woman, they insist to reached on the top. When there are old man can get up there, why can’t I be there too. Yeah, I made it. We took some photos and get some rest, then we going down.

A lot of history in here, and some of the tour guide story about the history to their tourist. As I understand the Chines, so I learned about the history a bit. They’re like story teller. Some were true and some of that was a complimentary to their stories.

Its dinner time. We had our dinner at Chinese restaurant. This time we managed to sit with another Malaysian Team from Johor – Youth Movement Malaysia (YMM). I spoke to their Chairman and he told me 99% members of the YMM is Chinese.

After that we gather back at hotel. Inside the bus there a young lady were sitting next to me. And we get to know each other. I gave her my name card and introduced her about YSS. She din’t give me the name card because she forgot to bring it today. She asked me am I nervous for the presentation tomorrow. I replied I’m not (actually its yes). She is one of the BAIC Group staff from Mexico. Grab the opportunity and I gave her team our 2017 Annual Repor (SDG). They were impress with the explaination and the SDG Report. They are the main sponsor of this programme. So, its a good time to introduce YSS to them. And I asked her to sit in for our presentation tomorrow. Absolutely yes from her. Hopefully she will be there and we’re going to present the best for everyone.

When we arrived at hotel lobby, here I get to know another guy from Argentina named Emiliano. He’s currently work with Ministry of Modernzation. We have a talk and he said Argentina’s ideas was in Kuala Lumpur – Petronas Twin Tower. He speaks Spanish. He’s 30 years old.

Last station – We visited the Bird’s Nest and Winter Cube at Aoseng Park. Nearby the hotel. So, we walked there. It tooks 10-15 mins
walking. Took some photos with other countries and we’re having our ice-cream in the cold weather. We enjoy ice-cream because in Malaysia we din’t enjoy our ice-cream because it will melting within a minutes.

After that, we returned to hotel and as usually. Daily report, travelog of the day and the important one – preparation for our presentation. Tomorrow is the day. I hope my team can present our topic with confidently. I trust my team can do the best.

A day full of knowledge, experiences and its really a enjoyable. A moment to remember in future.

Thank you.

*Grace Lee*
YSS Delegation to Beijing
22nd October 2018 / Beijing 🇨🇳

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