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Yayasan Sukarelawan Siswa (YSS) / Students Volunteer Foundation was launched in 2012 as wholly owned entity of the Ministry of Education (MoE). Holding the vision to develop Malaysia as students’ volunteer hub and produce global student volunteer icons, YSS is determined to carry out its mission to encourage, educate and guide the students of higher learning institutions to promote world peace and inculcate the spirit of camaraderie through community engagement within and outside the country. In order to achieve these vision and mission, YSS’ five thrusts; to create leadership among student volunteers, to organise high impact volunteer programmes, to fortify the ecosystem of students volunteerism, enhance strategic linkages and reinforce students volunteer training, are made to accelerate the journey. YSS also firmly believes that students must be “ethically and morally upright, spiritually grounded, compassionate and caring; appreciates sustainable development and a healthy lifestyle” to become role model as future leaders in accordance with the first shift of Malaysian Education Blueprint 2015 – 2025 (Higher Education) which is to produce holistic, entrepreneurial and balanced graduates.

Building global volunteer leaders out of 1.3 million of students’ population through various high impactful volunteer missions and projects – Since its launch in 2012, through 32 YSS high impactful volunteer missions across ASEAN and also Sabah and Sarawak, YSS promotes the concept of inclusiveness and immersion where volunteers eat, live and breathe with the local community. Our volunteers are being trained physically and mentally in hard volunteer work targeted for rural and also urban poor areas. YSS also supports other Ministries and agencies which require student volunteers’ involvement. As part of their Student Volunteers leadership role, in 2015, 27 YSS Alumni joined the 27th ASEAN Summit as the Main Secretariat and a few acted as minders for President of The United States, Barack Obama, and other dignitaries under the supervision of Wisma Putra. Moreover, 14 YSS alumni have participated in the 15th Defence Services Asia as VIP Ambassadors where they received the opportunity to coordinate business meetings, act as ushers for VIPs and the liaison person for Ministry of Defence. YSS Alumni are student volunteers who have participated in YSS Students’ Volunteer Mission.

YSS believes in capacity building of students/youths – YSS focuses on capacity building for student volunteers especially in improving their adaptability level, soft skills development, leadership abilities and proactivity in doing groundwork. Crisis and issues faced during the volunteering period can sharpen these volunteers with their problem solving skills and also develop mental and physical resilience. Using the concept “right volunteers for the right job”, YSS students’ volunteer missions always provide the space and opportunity for student volunteers to apply their skills on the ground. They are also able to undergo experiential learning where students are able to develop valuable skills such as teamwork, leadership, project planning and time management. To equip these student volunteer leaders, YSS also provides training before each mission under Pre-Departure Training and skills-based courses such as during the National Preparedness Month, where they learn emergency skills through collaboration with Jabatan Pertahanan Awam Malaysia (JPAM).

Students volunteer mission; a movement for national unity – To organise successful missions that are low cost with high impact, the support from various organisations and institutions are in the form of cash or kind or support (skills training, ideas pitching). Entities such as the Ministry of Women, Family and Community Development (KPWKM), Ministry of Rural and Regional Development (KLB), Ministry of Health (KKM), and also corporations from private sectors such as SP Setia, Kenanga Investors Berhad and Bank Rakyat have been the vital lifeline for YSS missions. YSS tagline of “winning people’s hearts, mind and soul beyond borders” is turned into reality for every mission that we organise. As an example, when YSS was in Lao PDR (Laos), in the YSS-ASEAN Student Volunteers Mission in Savannakhet, Laos last year, YSS sought the assistance of DKLS, a Malaysian water treatment company based in Laos to help rebuild the computer lab by receiving contributions of 3 personal computers. Savanh Park (a Joint Venture company between Malaysian Company and the Provincial Government of Savannakhet) helped with the logistics and supply of building materials for our volunteer projects in Savannakhet. Similar support are also given during our volunteer missions in Vietnam for the Green Summer Volunteer Campaigns where Malaysian companies based in Vietnam like SP Setia Vietnam and other Malaysian companies provided YSS all kinds of support for YSS volunteer activities. In Vietnam, under our Green Summer Volunteer Campaign, Malaysian students work together with Vietnamese students to do hard volunteer work.

Ergo, the student volunteers undergo life-changing experience and leadership training. YSS believes that capacity building of these student volunteers help develop them to become Global Volunteer Leaders and Volunteer Icons.


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