In order to empower students’ participation, YSS has underlined focus areas where volunteers will contribute to the needs and priorities of host countries, and to meet the objectives of our own mission.

The Volunteerism Clusters that we are offering are as follows:

1. Education Cluster

This cluster emphasises on activities such as ‘Fun learning’ related to educating, motivating and carrying out projects which involve specific academic subjects, career counselling campaigns and talks on education to targeted communities.

2. Community Development / Improvement Cluster

The activities include social activities and communal voluntary work, community engagement and self development to improve the productivity of the community and individuals especially the needy, orphans and the handicapped. The activities also include cultural exchanges and enhancement of local handicrafts.

3. Medical and Health Cluster

This cluster focuses on improving and sustaining the health of the community. It maintains liaison with NGOs and Health Department to implement programmes including forestalling the spread of diseases and awareness of issues on public health.

4. Agribio and Environment Cluster

This cluster seek to upgrade agribio levels and support the food security and sustainability of the community. It also emphasises on renewable energy, reusing and recyclable materials.

5. Information Technology and Social Entrepreneurship Cluster

This cluster focuses on enhancing the awareness of the local community and organisations toward Information and Communication Technology (ICT) and provides training in the field of computerisation. Relevant bodies also work together to initiate, assist and encourage entrepreneurship amongst the local communities.

6. Crisis and Disaster Management Cluster

This cluster focuses on the voluntary aids and services related to the occurrence of any crisis and disasters. It involves support by Agencies and NGOs to victims of the disasters and also in crime prevention.

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