YSS holds the vision to produce Global Volunteer Icons.  In order to achieve this vision, YSS has outlined several aspects that should be appreciated together;

  • YSS is a wholly owned entity of the Ministry of Education (MoE). Thus, it is our responsibility to train and hone students of Higher Education Institutions (HEI) to fortify the ecosystem of students’ volunteerism.
  • Developing student volunteer leaders on the global stage is a joint task by YSS and student volunteers which requires maximum level of student preparedness.
  • Selected student volunteers are regarded as the small ambassadors of their respective institutions. Hence, it is the students’ responsibility to ensure they present a good image to their represented institutions.
  • YSS Students Volunteer Missions are organised with clear purposes. Participating in YSS missions means student volunteers are prepared to accept responsibilities assigned to them throughout the journey of developing them into Global Student Volunteer Leaders.
  • YSS Missions are conducted within and outside the country for a period of 2 to 5 weeks. Therefore, student volunteers need to prepare themselves as best as possible, including good health, good academic performance and good self-discipline.
  • YSS promotes the concept of inclusiveness, immersion and community engagement. Through YSS Missions, student volunteers have the opportunity to apply their skills on the ground and share the benefits with the community.
  • YSS is committed in giving the best training to student volunteers. To equip these student volunteer leaders, they MUST fulfil three COMPULSORY modules; the Pre-Departure Training, Volunteer Mission and Post-Mission Debriefing.
  • Student volunteers selected to participate in YSS Missions must always have strong willpower and determination.

Welcome on board to YSS!

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